Wholesome Organic Flours, Cereals & Mixes.

Certified Organic, Grown by Canadian Farmers and milled in small batches in Chilliwack BC.

Sourced directly from Canadian farmers

Some things are worth the extra effort.

Serious bakers know - quality ingredients matter.

Serious bakers know - quality ingredients matter.

A little bit of your heart goes into everything you make. That's why we take all the time and care needed to deliver the freshest, best tasting, most nutritious, flours, cereals and mixes. We mill Certified Organic, Canadian Grains in small batches everyday right here in Chilliwack BC.  It takes longer but it’s worth it.



Simple & Consistent

Our Commitment to Community, Health & Sustainability.

Organic, whole grains, and sprouted grains are more than processes and products. We are dedicated to products that support healthy, sustainable ecosystems. Products that we know are good for people & the planet.



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