Food Service

At Anita’s, service is as important to us as our products

Fresh whole grain flours
Our whole grain flours are milled fresh every day in Chilliwack, BC, using low temperatures to maximize nutrition and taste.

Sprouted grains & flour
At Anita’s Organic Mill, our grain sprouting and drying process is done with precision to maintain the baking integrity of the flour. Everything is accomplished below 104°F, producing flour that is vibrant and nutritious.

Custom toll milling
Our millers will produce specified whole grain flour to order, providing the freshest baking ingredients possible. If you would like a stone-milled product or a finer milled flour, our millers are experts in providing a consistent product every time.

Custom blending
Grain, seed or flour blends can be customized to your specifications, or our research and development team can work with you to come up with the perfect blend of ingredients to suit your needs.

We meet your needs as a supplier by providing short lead times, fresh ingredients, custom blending and innovative ingredients, like sprouted grains and flours. We are accountable with documentation, our products are consistent and, when our flours and mixes leave our mill, everything has been done to match our high standards. We work in a collaborative manner, both with suppliers and customers, and operate within a facility that is GMP third party audited, Certified organic, certified gluten free and Kosher. You and your customers will enjoy the endless benefits of Anita’s Organic Mill artisan flours.

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