Is Your Oven Temperature Accurate?

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Is Your Oven Temperature Accurate? | Anita's Organic Mill

The accuracy of your oven can affect the quality of your finished product. It might be uncooked in the center, or overcooked and too dry.

To check temperature accuracy, start by purchasing an oven thermometer. Place it in the center of the middle rack so you can easily see it through the oven door. Turn your oven to 350°F, allow it to preheat, and take the temperature without opening the door.

Continue to chart the temperatures 3 more times, 20-30 minutes apart, and then calculate the average. If you’re within the range of 325-375°F, your oven is accurately calibrated. If you notice the temperate is far off the mark, you’ll need to have your oven professionally calibrated. Ovens have hot spots so we recommend testing it on both sides.

Additional tips:

  • An overcrowded oven affects how hot air circulates.
  • Opening your oven door to check on baked goods can reduce temperatures.

Follow these simple steps and your oven will perform perfectly for you, every time.

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