This is no ordinary bag.


In fact, it’s far from the usual packaging you’ll find used by most ingredient companies. Anita’s is proud to announce that we are the first company in the baking aisle to offer all of our organic ingredients in 100% recyclable and resealable plastic bags.

Our products need to be packaged in hermetically sealed bags to preserve their flavour, nutritional value and freshness. But we could no longer tolerate the idea of sending bags with Anita’s name on them into landfills, so we looked for a packaging partner who believed in sustainability as strongly as we do.

We found them in Emmerson Packaging. Not only were they eager to make our goal a reality, they’re also a Canadian company, which is in harmony with our commitment to working with Canadian farmers, grains and ingredients. Emmerson successfully developed a material that was fully recyclable, durable enough to hold our products and that had a seal/reseal component made with the same material.

We’re really proud to be working with Emmerson Packaging, a company that goes beyond packaging innovations with manufacturing facilities that have long concentrated on sustainability initiatives. They were the first Sustainable Green Printer in Canada; since the year 2000, they’ve been able to reduce residual solid waste by 87%; lower their water usage more than 78% and electricity usage by 41%; and cut VOC emissions by over 55%. Now that’s impressive!

For us, this means that we can save over 300,000 bags from ending up in landfills in our first year. And looking forward, this could equal over a million bags within the next 5 to 6 years.

We’re hoping our fellow baking brands will join us and make the change to fully recyclable bags. Together, we can do our part to be a bit friendlier to our planet.

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