This is no ordinary bag.


At Anita’s, we’re committed to making products that are good for both people and the planet. That is a difficult balance to achieve when it comes to packaging.

The challenge in using sustainable packaging is that our products need to be airtight, to preserve the flavour, nutritional value and freshness, and to prohibit tampering. To achieve this, the paper bags we used previously had to be lined with plastic—which made them non-recyclable—so they ended up in landfills. We spent a long time looking for a better option, and finally found one.

Our new packaging can prevent over 300,000 bags from ending up in landfills in the first year.

We launched our new 100% recyclable and re-sealable plastic bags with the goal of providing the most environmentally-friendly packaging possible today. Given the vast differences in recycling and composting programs across Canada, we determined that recyclable packaging was the best option at this time. Municipal composting programs are more limited than recycling programs, so using a recyclable material offers the best opportunity to keep our packaging out of landfills.

Emmerson Packaging, our packaging partner, believes in sustainability as strongly as we do. They are also a Canadian company, which is in harmony with our commitment to work with Canadian farmers, grains and ingredients. Emmerson successfully developed a plastic that is fully recyclable, durable enough to hold our products and has a seal/reseal zipper made of the same material.

Using this new material for our packaging means we can prevent over 300,000 bags from ending up in landfills in the first year. And, looking forward, this could equate to over 2 million bags in the next 5 to 6 years.

Although we’re the first in the baking aisle to offer this type of packaging, we hope other brands will join us and make the switch to fully recyclable bags. Together, with your help, we can all do our part to be a bit friendlier to our planet.

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