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615-44688 South Sumas Rd
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 5M3
Tel: (604) 823-5543

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Anita’s Bread & Coffee:

615-44688 South Sumas Rd
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 5M3
Tel: (604) 845-6191

Anita’s Retail Farm Store:

The Local Harvest Market
7697 Lickman Road
Chilliwack, BC
Tel: (604) 823-5547

Monday to Saturday
8 am to 6 pm | Closed Sundays
Please call or email to check Statutory
Holiday opening hours.

Company Response to COVID-19

We are staying focused on quality during the current COVID-19 situation.

As an essential business we continue to operate. We are taking every precaution to keep our employees safe, comfortable and healthy. Our GMP (good manufacturing process) certified facility mandates extreme cleanliness and we have added addition layers to our program to ensure the health and safety of our staff.

At Anita’s we are a positive group and feel grateful to be in the organic food chain with the ability to provide work for people and organic pantry staples to our incredible customers across North America. We encourage you to keep busy and stay connected with family and loved ones while being at home.

Do you have any all purpose flour available?

Yes, we have all flours available. Our direct relationships with our farmers have ensured supply during this period of time. If you are not seeing our products on store shelves it would be more of a demand / logistics issue. Stores are restocking as fast as they can.

Is your storefront open currently, and if yes, what are the hours?

Yes, our store in Chilliwack is open. It’s located at The Local Harvest Market, 7697 Lickman Rd. and the hours are 9am – 6pm Monday through Saturday.

How is the store in regards to stock?

Stock levels at the store have been good. We may not have all of our regular sizes but all of the flour types are being restocked daily. This obviously can change quickly so calling before is a good idea. Call 604-823-5547 or email and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Do you offer online ordering or delivery?

No we don’t. We rely on delivery services like and Save-On-Foods who are all restocking as fast as they can.

How do I order larger bulk sizes of flour from you?

Please call our store to discuss bulk orders. The store can be reached at 604-823 -5547.

Will you be opening early for seniors and those with compromised health issues to shop in the morning?

At the moment this has not been set up. We will post on our social media platforms if this becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bake healthier?

With Anita’s, there are many ways to increase the nutrition in your baking. Our whole grain flours deliver more fibre, vitamins and minerals than white flour, and our sprouting process makes it easier for your body to digest all that goodness.

Simply swap Anita’s 60/40 Blend 1:1 for white flour in your favourite recipe. This blend performs like white flour while delivering the nutritional benefits of 40% sprouted whole grain flour. Or replace up to 1/3 of the white flour in any recipe with one of our whole grain or sprouted flours. If you’d like to try something new, you’ll also find many nutritious and delicious recipes made with whole grains in the Anita’s Bake Club.

Can I use non-dairy milk in recipes calling for milk?

Yes! Non-dairy or plant-based milks work the exact same way as dairy in recipes. Choose from store bought or try making your own.

What can I use to replace eggs in baking?

There are many fantastic plant-based everyday items you may have in your pantry. These include flax meal, chia seeds or apple sauce.

What can I use to replace buttermilk in baking?

It’s easy to make your own. Mix together 1 cup of your favourite non-dairy milk and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Give it a stir and let it sit for about 10 minutes to curdle. Et voilà – homemade ‘buttermilk’!

Can I make meringues without eggs?

Absolutely. There are a couple of ways but the easiest by far is to use ‘aquafaba’ which is the liquid from a can of chickpeas. This liquid can be whipped to mimic egg whites in many recipes and especially works well in meringues.

Can I use vegan butter in baking?

You can indeed; there are some amazing brands now available in most grocery stores such as Earth Balance and Melt. Or you can make your own at home in minutes with a few simple ingredients.

What can I use to replace butter with in a recipe?

Butter can easily be replaced with coconut oil in many recipes. Keep it at room temperature and it soon whips up just like butter. Or try using a neutral-tasting oil such as sunflower. Or if a buttery taste is key to the recipe, try a store bought dairy-free butter or even make your own.

What can I use instead of cream?

There are commercial brands of non-dairy cream you can use, from coffee cream to whipped cream. Or for simple swaps from your pantry, use chilled, canned coconut milk or creams made from soaked nuts.

Why are your bags now made of plastic instead of paper?

We’re committed to making products that are good for both people and the planet. But that’s a difficult balance to achieve when it comes to packaging. Anita’s products need to be hermetically sealed, to preserve the flavour, nutritional value and freshness, and prohibit tampering. To achieve this, the paper bags we used previously were lined with plastic—making them non-recyclable—so ultimately they ended up in landfills. We’ve been looking for a more environmentally-friendly option for a long time and finally found one.

Given the vast differences in recycling and composting programs across Canada, we determined that recyclable packaging was the best option at this time. Municipal composting programs are more limited than recycling programs so using a recyclable material offers the greatest opportunity to keep our packaging out of landfills. Now our packaging is made with a plastic that is 100% recyclable, durable enough to hold our products and with a seal/reseal zipper made of the same material.

Why doesn’t Anita’s use compostable or biodegradable packaging?

Given the vast differences in recycling and composting programs across Canada, we determined that recyclable packaging was the best option at this time. Municipal composting programs are more limited than recycling programs so using a recyclable material offers the greatest opportunity to keep Anita’s packaging out of landfills. We will continue to monitor progress in packaging material and municipal programs and, if a better solution comes along, we will make another change.

What should I do with my Anita’s packaging when it’s empty?

Municipal recycling programs differ vastly across Canada. Please check with your local municipality to find out what options they provide for disposing of recyclable materials. And note that what they can take now may change in the future, as recycling programs evolve and expand. So, it’s a good idea to check back with them again if they aren’t currently able to process our packaging.

The opening on my Anita’s packaging is too small – what should I do?

We designed our new packaging to be re-sealable so that our customers don’t have to transfer the contents into another container for storage if they don’t want to. However, if you find the opening is too small for your purposes, feel free to cut the top off the bag and use a clip to seal it between uses, or transfer the contents to another airtight container.


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