Chapter Challenges: Baking with a Community Twist

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Chapter Challenges: Baking with a Community Twist | Anita's Organic Mill

If baking brings you a sense of joy, why not share it with others in your community?

As an Anita’s Bake Club Chapter your group gets to enjoy the benefits of creating something from scratch and connecting with others to shares stories and laughs. But together we can take that sense of connection one step further and share it with others in our communities.

Sweet, savoury or health-ified treats can bring a smile to someone’s face on a day they need it most. It can provide comfort and nourishment to empty tummies, or help to raise funds to support local organizations doing work that helps those in need.

We challenge you and your Chapter to engage in building connection, share the joys of baking and bring a sense of community to your Anita’s Bake Club Chapter events. Here are a few ways you can get started:

  • Donate your baked goods to a local group or shelter
  • Hold a bake sale to raise funds for a cause your chapter finds meaningful
  • Share your baked goods with family members or friends of the group that may be going through a challenging time
  • Welcome new neighbours in your community with treats your group bakes (maybe even invite them to your next event!)

Regardless of how you choose to share your baking with your community, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let people know what ingredients you’ve used, given different dietary needs and allergies, especially when children are involved. If you’re raising funds, provide as much information as you can about the cause. You may even want to reach out to the charity beforehand and let them know you’re running a small fundraising event. It helps people understand what they’re supporting, it’s more motivating and can result in better sales.

If you and your Chapter decide to share your baking with others, please share it with us too. We’d love to hear about it on the Anita’s Bake Club Facebook page, or simply tag us at @anitasorganic on Instagram.

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