Turn Your #Bakingfails into #Bakingwins

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Turn your #bakingfails into #bakingwins | Anita's Organic Mill

If you love baking as much as we do, you’ve likely encountered a few less than successful attempts in the kitchen. Or more appropriately deemed #bakingfails. They happen to all of us. Even the most seasoned bakers experience total flops from time to time.

But the great thing about baking is that it’s all about the process.

How many of you can relate to feeling enjoyment, creativity or maybe even a sense of relaxation when you bake? It’s not just about what comes out of the oven.

Every recipe is a work in progress, and an opportunity to learn. That’s why we’ve started embracing the moments in our test kitchen that don’t turn out quite as planned. The flattened treats, the uglier cookies from the batch, or the “oops, that was salt, not sugar” results. (Okay, we’re kidding about that last one but, if that’s happened to you, we understand!)

We want to start celebrating #bakingfails as stepping stones to improvement. Think of them as the “before” of your baking adventure. We’re offering a peek behind the curtain, and we hope you’ll join us.

Let’s share!

Posting your #bakingfails on Instagram or Facebook isn’t just brave, it’s brilliant. You’re either going to make people laugh (awesome!), or you’re going to get really helpful and constructive feedback from other bakers. Perfect for reaching for your apron and giving it another go.

We’ll be sharing our less-than-perfect moments in the Anita’s Bake Club Facebook group, and in our Instagram stories. If you want to take part, use the hashtag #bakingfails and tag us at @anitasorganic.

Learn from it

When you share your #bakingfails with us on social, our expert bakers along with the wonderful community in our Facebook group will be there to help.

You’ll get tips, suggestions and answers to questions you might have, so you can learn and improve your skills for next time.

And when you do try again, we definitely want to see it. Which brings us to…

Share your #bakingwins

Posting your #bakingwins inspires other bakers of all levels and gets you a little recognition and encouragement (yay!). It’s the online equivalent to the pride you undoubtedly feel at a party when everyone’s raving about the food you brought. It’s a great feeling!

The more you bake, the more you’ll learn and the more wins you’ll have. So, don’t be shy about your #bakingfails—embrace them, share them and learn from them.

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