The grand-daddy of Ancient Grain breads. Made with Anita's Organic Kamut and Spelt Flour.


250 g Anita’s Kamut Flour

350 g Anita’s Spelt Flour (Stoneground, Fine Grind or Sprouted)

20 g Fresh Yeast (or 10 g traditional dry yeast)

360 ml Lukewarm Water

16 g Sea Salt

30 ml Olive Oil

60 g Roasted Sunflower Seeds


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In a large bowl, mix together all the ingredients except for the sunflower seeds.

Start kneading the dough either by hand or by mixer until it feels elastic, clean and pulls away from either the side of the bowl or the tables surface, usually about a good 10 mins of kneading.

Add the sunflower seeds during the last couple mins of kneading.

Cover the dough to prevent it from drying out and let It ferment for approx. 60 mins or until it has reached double volume.

Split the dough in half or make 1 large loaf, and shape it either round or any shape you might like.

Please the dough on a tray and cover it again loosely and allow the dough to reach double volume a second time.

Slash the dough a few times before it enters the oven and bake the bread at 400F for approx. 35-45 mins.

Yields 2 loaves.


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