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yellow corn

Why its so great!

Dent corn is also frequently referred to as "field" corn. Either white or yellow, dent kernals contain both hard and soft starch that become indented at maturity.Dent corn is a variety of corn which is higher in starch and lower in sugar than table corn, the type of corn eaten as a vegetable.

An Idea for Preparation

The field corn called yellow dent, has a very thick outer skin that doesn't soften up to the point you can eat it even if you cook it for hours. There's really only two ways to eat it - grind it dry into a meal, or by using a lye, remove the skin and eat it as hominy.

Country of Origin


This high energy food contains more vitamin A than any other cereal grain.

Healthy Benefits

Corn contains a good quantity of many B vitamins and the minerals Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and the essential Linoleic Acid. Corn's 72% starch content makes it a high energy food. Corn contains adequate amounts of vitamin A, the highest of any cereal grain.

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Suzanne Fielden
Rocky Mountain Flatbread