Anitas Organic Products
ANITA'S ORGANIC unbleached white flour

Why its so great!

Anita's Organic Unbleached White Flour is preferred by many artisan bakeries for their all-purpose and bread-baking needs. Freshly ground from high protein hard red spring wheat with no chemical oxidizing or bleaching agents used for whitening.

An Idea for Preparation

Anita's unbleached white flour has higher gluten content than our soft flours. The gluten makes the bread rise and bind better. Because of this, hard flour is preferred for making yeast breads and sturdier baked goods.

Country of Origin


Strong enough for breads but soft enough to be used for cakes, pies and cookies.

Healthy Benefits

Unbleached flour means the flour is aged and allowed to whiten naturally without additives or bleaches. Aging the flour over time also allows the proteins to develop, which strengthens the gluten properties of the wheat, making it ideal for baking. While unbleached flour naturally whitens to some extent, it does retain a slightly creamy colour, which will give your bread and baked goods an off-white appearance.

" Anita's locally mill wonderful flours will allow you to create the best nutritious breads ever.  We have tried flours from other mills in our restaurants but always go back to Anita’s. Thank you to John and your family for championing local mills in B.C. and Canada that are committed to creating high quality, nutritious flours and grains for us to enjoy baking and cooking with."

Suzanne Fielden
Rocky Mountain Flatbread