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ANITA'S ORGANIC spelt, all purpose unbleached
spelt flour

Why its so great!

Spelt is highly water soluble, which means the body can easily absorb its nutrients. Hold a few spelt kernels in your mouth and—unlike other wheat varieties—they immediately soften.

An Idea for Preparation

White Spelt Flour or All Purpose Spelt flour is just spelt flour with the bran and germ removed. Use white spelt flour in baking where a "lighter" touch is preferred, like in pastries, biscuits, cakes, etc. Substitute spelt or wheat flour, cup for cup, for all-purpose or bread flour in any bread recipe. However, for spelt make two adjustments: reduce the amount of water by 25% and reduce the mixing or kneading time by one half.

Country of Origin


A delicious variety of wheat from one of the world's oldest grains.

Healthy Benefits

Spelt has high water solubility, so the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. It is also a superb fiber resource and has large amounts of B-complex vitamins. Total protein content is from 10 to 25% greater than the common varieties of commercial wheat.

" Anita's locally mill wonderful flours will allow you to create the best nutritious breads ever.  We have tried flours from other mills in our restaurants but always go back to Anita’s. Thank you to John and your family for championing local mills in B.C. and Canada that are committed to creating high quality, nutritious flours and grains for us to enjoy baking and cooking with."

Suzanne Fielden
Rocky Mountain Flatbread