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barley flour

Why its so great!

In yeast breads, the nutty flavor of barley flour can replace up to ¼ of the regular flour, and in quick breads and other baked goods, it can be used to replace up to ½ of the flour called for by the recipe. Barley flour has weaker gluten structure than wheat flour, so baked goods may not turn out as expected. Barley flour may be used to add fiber to baked goods. Half a cup of barley flour contains 7 grams of dietary fiber, compared to half a cup of white all-purpose flour contains just 2 grams of fiber.

An Idea for Preparation

Barley flour can be substituted in any of your favorite recipes for up to ¼ of the amount of flour called for. From sweet to savoury applications, barley is a winner! Check out this link to Barley Foods for loads of recipes.

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Recommended for cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, squares and quickbreads, barley flour can even make a great chocolate cake and is a healthy addition to favourite wheat bread recipes. Barley flour may also be used as a thickener for soups, stews and gravies.

Healthy Benefits

Barley is known for being a very good source of fiber and selenium, and a good source of phosphorus, copper and manganese. Barley helps to lower your cholesterol, risk of colon cancer and is an excellent food choice for people suffering for Type 2 Diabetes.

" Anita's locally mill wonderful flours will allow you to create the best nutritious breads ever.  We have tried flours from other mills in our restaurants but always go back to Anita’s. Thank you to John and your family for championing local mills in B.C. and Canada that are committed to creating high quality, nutritious flours and grains for us to enjoy baking and cooking with."

Suzanne Fielden
Rocky Mountain Flatbread