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ANITA'S ORGANIC black sesame seeds
black sesame seeds

Why its so great!

Black sesame seeds contain about 60% more calcium than hulled sesame seeds.

An Idea for Preparation

Natural Black Sesame Seeds are mainly used for medicinal purpose & flavorings on various bakery products. These natural black sesame seeds have a nutty taste and are sprinkled on several varieties of vegetables, noodles and even in rice. And also can be used in pie crusts as well as a substitute for nuts. Furthermore it can be garnished on various starters or as crispy coating on various food items.

Country of Origin


Contains 60% more calcium than hulled sesame seeds.

Healthy Benefits

The high nutritious qualities of sesame seed are strongly considered and they are added in several plates, salads and dressings. An extremely important attributes of a raw or roasted or sesame oil is that it has therapeutic medicinal properties which can be highly useful for human diseases. Natural black sesame seeds are rich in calcium, protein, and B-Vitamins.

" Anita's locally mill wonderful flours will allow you to create the best nutritious breads ever.  We have tried flours from other mills in our restaurants but always go back to Anita’s. Thank you to John and your family for championing local mills in B.C. and Canada that are committed to creating high quality, nutritious flours and grains for us to enjoy baking and cooking with."

Suzanne Fielden
Rocky Mountain Flatbread