At Anita’s we are dedicated to cleaner, healthier food. That’s why everything we make is Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. The truth is, you just don’t need synthetic chemicals to grow good food. But the organic food movement is about more than no artificial pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs. It’s about caring for the land and caring for the people we love. It’s about leaving the things the way they should be for future generations. Discover all of our organic products, we know you will love them, ‘cause you can’t go wrong when you do the right thing for the planet and the folks you love.

Why our focus is on Organic:

People – Being in the Organic food chain means you interact with extremely passionate people. From our loyal customers, to our manufacturing partners, Bakeries and farmers alike, all care deeply about what they are producing or consuming.

Environmental Impact – The intention of organic farming is sustainability. Maintaining sustainability in in farming, or any practice, takes extra effort, care, and attention. When these things are happening beautiful things are created. Organic farming takes more time, personal attention and does not pollute the earth with discussing chemicals.

Personal Health – Eating Organic food also means you are eating food that has not been sprayed with synthetic chemicals, including glyphosate, food that has not been genetically modified and food that has been grown and manufactured with intention. At Anita’s, our focus is on whole grains milled at low temperatures, and you will never find any binders, conditioners excessive sea salt or sugar in any of our products. We make food for our customers that we make at home for our family.

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