Consistently fresher, better tasting & more nutritious.

In Chilliwack, BC we hammer and stone mill Organic, Canadian Grains in small batches. We slow the mills down to keep temperatures low and the nutrition intact. We do not sift away the bran or germ of the grain, the whole grain goes in and the whole grain comes out. This attention to process produces products with better taste, performance and nutrition. It takes longer, but we know it’s worth it.


Safer for you, safer for the planet

For us, organic is a value system not a process. We work with organic farmers who practice traditional farming methods. When you choose organic products you are supporting a healthy & sustainable ecosystem. All of our grain is non-gmo and grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, so we can deliver safe wholesome products to you and your family.

Canadian Farmers:

Partners in quality & transparency.

We have a special relationship with our suppliers. We work directly with Canadian organic farmers who take the job of delivering delicious, wholesome food as seriously as we do.

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